• Cobbers is an in-house voice/video calling solution PoC built on LiveKit for Grab, in collaboration with SMU for the Final Year Project of the Bachelor of Science, Computer Science Degree Programme
Airplane Rizzler
  • Big Data Pipeline that improves customer satisfaction through push-notification based compensations with predictive models trained on historical airline delay data
  • An IoT Toilet Tracking System that ensures users wash their hands after using the toilet
Tweet Scraper
  • Data Pipeline to scrape Twitter and load to MongoDB
  • Introduction to ScyllaDB along with comparisons in performance with Cassandra
Yet Another Ransomware Demo
  • An implementation of a ransomware for learning/research purposes. Recreating Remote Code Execution with the use of an past apache httpd vulnerability
  • Coding Challenge Platform for the likes of System Admin related tasks on sandbox environments, supports for custom environment builds with Dockerfiles.
Noise Solulu
  • An IoT based approach to blocking off noise from airplane flyovers, through the use of audio-based machine learning detection models and sound proof sheets
  • Eton is a productivity mobile app designed to improve your daily workflow
Loyalty Application
  • Loyalty Application is a highly scalable, cloud agnostic, credit card points processing application that is able to ingest and process up to 85,000 records per minute according to customisable rules specified by campaigns
  • Wildebeest is a Realtime Design Process Discovery Platform to facilitate in-person discussion of preference in Design Processes
  • The project aims to show the key differences in the responsiveness and performance of common REST API Frameworks
  • A mobile game inspired by Archero, built in Android with Java
  • A custom shell with process scheduling capabilities
Ride Kaki
  • Ride Kaki is a mobile application that automatically searches and compares pricing between different ride sharing services for you desired pickup and drop-off points, saving you both time and money
  • Plant&Go is a food ordering platform that promotes and incentivises consumers to incorporate environmentally sustainable diets into their daily lives, reducing carbon emission from food consumption in Singapore
  • ZABS is an e-receipt application that enables consumers to receive and store e-receipts, reducing paper wastage from receipts and contributing to environmental sustainability efforts
  • wheel-facto is a Manufacturing Defect Detection application that uses Computer Vision and Machine Learning to remove defective wheels from the production line through the use of a Robotic Arm
  • Presto Pay is a mobile responsive web-based e-wallet application that enables payment through QR Codes, users simply scan the QR Code and specify the amount they wish to pay
  • ScheDule is a trip optimisation app which detects changes in environmental conditions such as weather, traffic, public transport status and updates the user on relevant and timely changes in their commute plans
Google Maps API


May 2023 – Aug 2023
Site Reliability Engineer Intern
  • Integrated custom and third-party Prometheus Exporters for monitoring, alerting and analysis of various system’s metrics (e.g. Call of Duty Mobile’s Game Server Metrics), enabling metrics-driven decision-making for critical production systems using Prometheus, PromQL, Grafana, Go (go-metrics), SNMP and Docker
  • Engineered an ICMP-based distributed IP Crawler with Go, Python, Terraform, Ansible and S3. Crawler generated live IP data, powering various global team's operations, while reducing cost by 95%+ and runtime by 1 week as compared to initial versions
  • Developed custom Linux Service for network quality test in multi-cloud/region and geo-sensitive environment, optimised by tuning kernel parameters and memory analysis. Built with Go (Gin, Gorm, pprof), Sqlite, Ansible, Systemd (Linux) and Docker (multi-arch/distro builds). Live on 200+ servers with its data powering dashboards of global teams, influencing selection of game server’s cloud service provider and region deployments
  • Implemented fixes and features across multiple Apps, developing Web/Desktop App UI and RBAC using React.js (TDesign) with Strapi and Flask, and Electron App on multi-platform with S3 and internal APIs. App users range from a few teams to the entire Tencent Singapore Office
Aug 2022 – Oct 2022
Software Developer Intern
  • Prototyped and tested multiple cross-platform mobile app frameworks to evaluate compatibility with use case and existing systems, reducing future development compatibility issues and overheads
  • Developed an e-commerce mobile app using Dart on Flutter, based on existing APIs built on ExpressJS and MongoDB, creating a channel for customers to browse and purchase products
  • Designed and implemented UI improvements on multiple pages in mobile app using Flutter, enhancing flexibility and efficiency of use
Jun 2022 – Aug 2022
Nested Technologies
Software Developer Intern
  • Designed and developed a multi-threaded batch job service with resource allocation, progress-checkpoint restarts and recurring job scheduling, using Python, PostgreSQL and Cron-based Scheduling features. Service reduced overall peak memory usage by more than 75%
  • Tested and benchmarked resource usage of batch job service, enabling fine tuning of parameters for optimal resource usage which improved system stability by more than 70% over 2 months
  • Proposed and re-architected improvements to existing storage solutions using AWS S3, enhancing performance and cost savings on AWS by more than 2x
  • Implemented effective logging mechanisms to capture relevant data in processing pipelines using Python Logging, reducing Time-To-Insight for system failures to key stakeholders by 80%
Docker Compose
Apr 2019 – May 2019
Software Developer
  • Designed and developed an order, checkout and payment flow using ReactJS, GraphQL, AWS AppSync and Stripe, enabling the platform to accept card payments from customers
  • Troubleshooted and refactored existing authentication flow using AWS Cognito, improving entire web app’s robustness and security
  • Implemented location-based searching and filtering using ReactJS and Google Maps API, allowing users to accurately filter search results based on locations preferences
Mar 2018 – Sep 2018
Technical Presales Intern
  • Led and developed a manufacturing defect detection app using SAS Deep Machine Learning, Event Stream Processing, integrated with RaspberryPi Grove Sensors/Switches and an Arduino Braccio Robotic Arm. Showcased at SAS Analytics Insights Exchange 2018 with 200+ industrial partner representatives attending
  • Prototyped a car damage insurance claims calculator using SAS Deep Machine Learning and NodeJS. Used by sales team to demonstrate the capabilities of SAS-Open Source Integrations
  • Supported presales team in 3 proof of concepts (POC) using SAS Viya, SAS 9.4 and Python, fulfilling customers requirements and providing compelling business cases for adoption of product
  • Troubleshooted and resolved errors with services on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server using Bash Shell, restoring apps to their intended functionality
SAS Viya
Sep 2017 – Oct 2017
Software Developer
  • Co-developed a real-time resource management web app using ReactJS, streamlining the dissemination of planned and ad-hoc jobs, reducing manual entry and coordination in resource management
  • Developed boilerplate code for the company's code repository using ReactJS, enabling code reuse for new projects with similar use cases
Mar 2017 – Mar 2017
Meridian Solutions
Software Developer Intern
  • Developed HR module for an enterprise resource planning web app using jQuery, ASP.NET MVC and MSSQL, extending HR management features to existing users of app
  • Troubleshooted and resolved support requests by customers using VB.NET and ASP.NET MVC, restoring apps to their intended functions within the same day
Microsoft SQL